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A Global and

Local Outlook

To face global challenges such as climate change, Covid-19, hunger or ocean pollution,  it is critical to work with local policy actors. Placed at the central stage of these problems, they best understand how change happens in their own contexts. Capitalising on their knowledge, local actors can be equipped with the human resources they need to develop policy solutions suited to their own environment. While similar issues in different locations can be solved similarly, effective policy transfer needs to tackle the specific underlying causes that make a problem unique.


Sustainability and


Our world is interconnected and interdependent, more than ever before. Working together enhances our ability to solve global problems more effectively. However, from a development perspective, self-reliance precedes interdependence: only when countries achieve a degree of technical independence will they contribute their talent and achievements to shared progress. 

At International Development Miami, we believe that, while building capacity is paramount, development needs to be sustainable: change must produce a permanent effect that can be maintained over time.

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